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5 Lesser Known Fat Loss Tips

1. Reduce Your Exposure To Toxins

In this day and age our bodies are over-run with toxicity. So much so your body cannot detoxify itself fast enough meaning it must store any excess toxins away until it has the chance to eliminate them through the detoxification organs. Allowing the toxins to float around the body can lead to all manner of problems and damage caused by these toxins. So the body stores these toxins in the safest possible place, the least metabolically active cells of your body, your fat cells.

Because of the inherent danger these toxins pose your body will always fight to hold onto those fat cells making it hard to lose weight. If you force the body to lose fat through extreme diets or extreme amounts of exercise you are actually putting your health at risk. And you will also find your body will put the fat back on as soon as you stop the diet or exercise routine to keep itself safe from the toxic overload present in your body.

Therefore to facilitate long and short term fat loss it is wise to help reduce the toxic overload placed on your body. There are many many things you can do here. A few simple things include:

  • Eat whole natural foods: Processed foods (foods not found in their natural state) are much higher in toxic chemicals and much lower in nutrients that are important to support the detoxification processes of your body.

  • Eat organic; Much lower in toxic chemicals (in theory they should be completely free from them) and higher in nutrients.

  • Consume foods and herbs that have anti-oxidant, anti-microbial or anti-inflammatory properties such as lemon juice, ginger, turmeric, garlic or coconut oil. Inflammation, microbes and oxidative stress all add to the toxic toll placed on our body.

2. Eat Protein Fat And Carbohydrates In Every Meal And Snack

When looking to burn fat insulin is your enemy. Insulin is storage hormone that opens up the cells for the absorption and storage of energy (calories) such as fat, protein and sugar (carbohydrates). Aside from this insulin also inhibits the production of biochemicals and processes that facilitate the burning of energy, the opposite environment needed to support fat loss.

Insulin is released in the body by an elevation of sugar in the blood. Blood sugar levels are primarily elevated by the release of stress hormones and through diet. The worst culprit for this in the diet are carbohydrates, namely refined sugars and starches, which when consumed on their own will lead to the biggest elevation in blood sugar levels, leading to the largest releases of insulin. A chronic release of insulin over a long period of time will lead to insulin resistance, diabetes and difficulties losing weight. Consuming fats and proteins with carbohydrates will slow down the breakdown and absorption of carbohydrates thereby reducing the production of insulin.

Avoiding carbohydrates completely doesn’t work either though as consuming fat/protein rich foods on their own will result in your blood sugar levels crashing. This will lead to the release of a number of hormones including cortisol (stress hormones) and glucagon. These hormones are released to help to elevate your blood sugar levels, since low blood sugar levels are danger to your body, particularly the brain that needs sugar (glucose) to function. The trouble with this is that when the body releases these hormones it typically overcompensates raising your blood sugar levels to above ideal levels leading to the release of insulin. Aside from this low blood sugars levels can negatively affect the health and function of the liver, adrenal and thyroid glands which are all important to your overall state of health.

To avoid both of these scenarios it is important to eat a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat in each meal and snack. What the correct ratio or balance between each is right for you will vary between individuals and is something I work on with my clients using a few methods to identify the ideal fuel balance for optimal energy.

3. Start Your Day With HIIT

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is one of the most popular forms of training around at that moment. It involves exercising at high intensities for short bursts followed by a short period of rest. This way of training is shown to increase your body’s metabolic rate for several hours (in some cases over 24 hrs) and increase insulin sensitivity. Anything that increases the sensitivity of your body to insulin will support your chances of fat loss…so this gets a big thumbs up.

A double bonus of doing HIIT is HIIT workouts can take less than 5 minutes so even if you don't have much time to workout this approach enables you to reap some of the benefits of exercise no matter how busy your day. Start your day with it and fire up your metabolism for the day. Everyone has 5 minutes!

You will find lots of examples of HIIT training methods online on websites such as youtube.

4. Know Why You Want To Lose Weight

Most people haven’t given it much thought as to why they want to lose fat beyond the usual reasons of looking and feeling better, getting more energy or to just to be healthier. It pays dividends to give this a bit more thought.

Doing so will give you new levels of drive, motivation and inspiration that will help you to push beyond the obstacles and challenges that would usually set you back.

Consider how losing weight would support other areas of your life that are important to you, for example your career, hobbies or family. Consider how losing weight will benefit you in the future or affect the lives of others that are close to you.

The more reasons you have for doing so the more likely you are to succeed.

5. Develop An Attitude Of Gratitude

When it comes to losing fat, stress is your worst enemy. Stress, no matter where it comes from, impacts your body’s metabolism in a number of ways that will result in weight gain, fatigue, sleep problems and disease.

Emotional stress often comes about when our attention is focused on things that we don’t have or on how the circumstances or people in our lives “should” or “need” to be different to what they are. A simple and easy process for reducing stress is to focus our minds on what we already have in our lives that we can appreciate.

This doesn’t need to be big things…often the small is better. Everyone has things they can be grateful for, it just requires a little imagination. No matter what we have or don’t have in life we can all be grateful for the gift of sight or for having running water or food in the fridge. There are millions on the planet that lack these basic things. What would your life be like without them

Being grateful for just one minute will lead to the release of a cascade of healthy giving hormones and allow our body and mind to destress. Think of 10 things you can be grateful for right now and help to reduce your waistline in the process.

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