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Why You Struggle To Lose Weight And Overcome Fatigue

In the ebook I talk about some of the most important factors in both your environment and lifestyle habits and choices that are literally instructing your body to hold onto your fat cells and suppress your energy levels. When you understand what these are and how to address them your body will much more willingly release stored fat and new levels of energy. From the ebook and accompanying cheat sheet you will learn things like:

  • How you can lose weight without making any changes to what you eat or how much you eat just by making this one habitual change to your diet

  • Why getting more sunlight into your life can transform your energy and help to burn unwanted fat and the 2 most important times to do this

  • Why modern technology introduced within the last 10 years has made it considerably harder to lose weight, sleep well and enjoy high levels of energy and vitality

  • Why those living closer to the equator have much lower levels of almost every degenerative disease seen today

  • The one thing you do up to 30,000 times a day that if you are doing it wrong could be making it very difficult to lose weight or overcome fatigue

  • And much much more….

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