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Double Your Energy Levels Through  Little Known Secrets To Using Your Natural Environment 

Dive deep into what truly determines your levels of health and energy with Matt Farr, author of The ENER2GIE  Formula
About The Webinar Series Recordings

Recorded 3 Part Webinar Series

5 Little Known Secrets To Transforming Your Energy & Physique

Each Webinar is 90 Minutes Long

During this webinar series I share some of the latest science on how to transform your energy and physique. This information is not known by most "experts" in the health and fitness industry and does not involve any special diet, supplement or exercise routine. In fact 90% of what I share has nothing to do with diet, food or exercise, yet has the power to transform your health, energy and physique whilst at the same time help you to prevent the development of many of the most common diseases seen today.

What You'll Learn
  • From Secret #1 Why only 20% of your energy comes from food

  • In Secret #3 How to transform your sleep

  • From Secret #4 How stress, oxygen, heat and the cold can be used to transform your energy


  • In Secret #4 How to turn unwanted fat into fat that burns fat

About The Presenter

Matt Farr is a Body-Mind Transformation Coach specialising in helping those looking to transform their energy and physique. He takes a truly holistic approach addressing all aspects of an individuals lifestyle, physiology, mind and emotions. In the 15 years he has been working professionally he has helped over 500 people with clients to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing.

What People Said Who Attended The Workshop
Sahar Freemantle
Sahar Freemantle
Seena Saini
Ying Zhang

"I have learnt a lot more on health and energy than any other source. I am looking forward to putting more of the advice into practice!"

Noor Khan

"Thoroughly enjoyed meeting with Matt today at the 5 Energy Secrets Workshop. Being constantly feeling tired and looking for ways to improve my weight and well-being was my incentive to attend the session. I have tried different diets / exercise regimes over the years which work for a while but are not life changing. Today’s session was a welcome introduction to working towards improving my sleep and energy levels by implementing just a few simple and inexpensive changes which I have learnt today.


Matt was recommended by a family member but being in the over sixty category I wasn’t sure that I would benefit from the session- how naive was I!! Matts programme is suitable for all ages.


I look forward to building on today’s introduction through the Webinar sessions Matt offering and would definitely recommend anyone looking to boost their energy, improve sleep and general wellbeing to sign up to one of the Webinar workshops."

Margaret Greenhithe

5 Little Known Secrets To Transforming Your Energy & Physique

Each Webinar is 90 Minutes Long

Price: £12.99

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